Mission StatementGreater Fauquier Baseball Little League (GFBLL) is a non profit organization that is committed to providing a superior baseball experience to beginners and advanced players of greater Fauquier County through excellent coaching, traini

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Little League


A new non-profit youth baseball league has been formed by a large and experienced group of parents, baseball coaches, and local business leaders. The purpose of this new league is to provide a superior baseball experience for Fauquier County’s players, parents and volunteers, through a well structured and organized league. Greater Fauquier Baseball (GFBLL) will promote an appreciation of and development in all skill levels by providing the necessary coach and player training; both during and in our off-seasons, to foster a great enjoyment and desire to continue with the sport for many years to come.

We invite you to become a part of this new, fun and exciting league by registering for Fall Ball and/or volunteering to be a coach and telling anyone you know that there is new baseball in Fauquier!

Greater Fauquier Baseball (GFBLL) is excited to offer:

Balanced Practice to Game Ratios

Players develop skills more effectively through practices than games. Studies have shown that players receive 10-15 times as much development in practices than they do in games. GFBLL will include practices throughout the season as part of the overall baseball experience. This will make the games more enjoyable for the players as their skills developed in practice can be displayed in games.

Consistent Respectful Communication

GFBLL will provide regular updates regarding club developments via email, Facebook, and the GFBLL website in order to keep members informed of club happenings. Parents will have courteous leaders to speak and work with to address any concerns, feedback or observations about Greater Fauquier Baseball Little League.

Games, Playoffs, Championships

GFBLL provides regular season games amongst teams in Fauquier surrounding communities. GFBLL also provides end of season playoff games and division championships. Additionally, through the affiliation with Little League baseball, teams have opportunities to compete for the chance to reach the Little League World Series.

Specialty Clinics

GFBLL will develop a system of clinics designed to further the improvement of athletes. These clinics will focus on specific aspects of the game such as: hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding and will be run by professionally trained baseball instructors.

Off Season Development Program

GFBLL will continue to offer specialty clinics into the off season. This will allow athletes to develop the skills necessary to improve their game into the next season.

Scholarship Program

GFBLL will establish a scholarship program to assist families under financial hardship to insure that every youth that has the desire to play baseball will have that opportunity.

Integrated Tournament Teams

GFBLL All-Star teams will have the opportunity to participate in District, State, Regional and National Little League tournaments.

Facilitate Players’ Transition to High School Teams

GFBLL will establish and encourage a strong relationship with local high schools coaching staffs in order to better facilitate the transition from youth baseball to the competitive high school level.

Coaching Clinics

GFBLL will have coaching clinics in order to provide coaches with the knowledge and tools necessary to most efficiently train our youth baseball players. These clinics are also a great networking opportunity for coaches to exchange drills, coaching techniques and philosophies.

Practice Planning

GFBLL will provide coaches with practice plans that will most effectively train our players. By breaking players into small group, specific stations focused on hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding our players will get significantly more development. Our station based practices will result in more repetitions for players because of more “on task time.”

Strong Leadership

Our passion to build the best youth baseball developmental program is what makes us unique. The leadership of our program is composed of a group of parents who have been heavily involved in youth baseball and other youth sports in the Fauquier area for many years.

GFBLL Founding Members:

Chris Beier

Larry Brown

Carl Crawford

Tina Curtis

Andy Dart

Mike Del Gallo

Judi Evans

CG Goldizen

Don Hamilton

Todd Laws

Mark Martin

Joe Meuse

Sam Poles

David Riley

Jeff Riley

Keith Wiarda

Jeff Willett

We would like to invite you to become a part of Greater Fauquier Baseball Little League.